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    EMS Care

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The skin and scalp, which tend to lose their elasticity with age, are cared for with mid-frequency EMS. Maintain a refreshed impression no matter where you are seen, and feel better every day.

The mid-frequency EMS provides dual care for the muscles of the face and head.
Gentle vibrations on the skin and scalp slowly stimulate the muscles deep inside.

Face Care
Lift and refresh your face.

Scalp Care
Tightens the scalp and maintains hair's elasticity and resilience.

* Move as if pulling up.

Deep delivery
Electroporation supports the penetration of moisture.
About 20 times more penetrating power than ion introduction. Deep penetration of the serum in the cartridge.
It penetrates deeply like an injection.

Give the skin a boost
Red LED light care. Smoothes out stagnant flow.
It helps to improve the transparency of the skin, leading to a brighter and firmer appearance.


Continuous use time: approx. 4 hours / Charging time: approx. 3.5 hours
Waterproof level: IPX5 (brush part only)
Accessories: AC adapter, USB cable, storage pouch, instruction manual (with warranty card)
Country of manufacture: Japan


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